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Spooky Fun and Family Bonding: Halloween in Brunswick and Topsham

There's a certain magic in the air when October arrives in Maine. The leaves are ablaze with vibrant colors, and there's a chill in the breeze that reminds us that Halloween is just around the corner. For families like ours who adore this time of year, Brunswick and Topsham offer an array of delightful festivities to celebrate the season. From the iconic Brunswick Halloween parade to the cozy neighborhoods of Topsham, here's why we can't get enough of Halloween in our charming corner of Maine.

The Brunswick Halloween Parade: A Spectacle of Spooktacular Proportions

The Brunswick Halloween Parade is a time-honored tradition that has been enchanting families for generations. Our family is eagerly awaiting this event! What we love most about the Brunswick Halloween Parade is the sense of community it fosters. There's something heartwarming about seeing your friends and neighbors come together to celebrate in such a fun and inclusive way. It's a chance to connect with people you may not see often and to share smiles, laughter, and stories as you walk along the parade route.

Trunk or Treat: A Candy Lover's Paradise

We also love to attend Trunk or Treat! It's like a Halloween candy wonderland! Rows of decorated car trunks are filled with sweets and treats, creating a safe and exciting environment for kids to trick-or-treat. It's not just about the candy, though; it's about the joy on our kids' faces as they discover their favorite treats and engage with the community in a unique way. The volunteers and participants put so much effort into making their trunks look spooktacular. 

Topsham's Cozy Neighborhoods: Trick-or-Treating Bliss

While the Brunswick Halloween Parade and Trunk or Treat are annual highlights, we can't forget about the enchanting neighborhoods of Topsham. Every year, we map out our trick-or-treating route to explore some of our favorite streets adorned with pumpkins, spooky decorations, and friendly faces.

There's something special about the cozy, small-town vibe of Topsham on Halloween night. Neighbors go all out with their Halloween decorations, creating a magical atmosphere that feels straight out of a storybook. We've made some wonderful memories strolling down these streets with our little ones, collecting candies, and admiring the creativity of our neighbors.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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